Dyeing Silk with Brazilwood Shavings

8 05 2017

My friend and master violin bow maker Lee Guthrie gave me some shavings from Brazilian Pernambuco wood, which makes a stunning crimson red dye. Known as Brazilwood by dyers and favored by bow makers, it’s also an historically important dye material. The name for the country of Brazil is actually shortened from Terra do Brasil “land of brazilwood”, since it was so important to the economy. Brazilwood dye can also refer to a related Asian species of Caesalpinia or Sappanwood. See the Wikipedia entry for more background information.


Simmering Brazil wood shavings


Shades of red from Brazilwood dye

To make the dye, I poured boiling water over a big handful and let it sit overnight. I soon discovered that it’s a very strong dye, so I removed some shavings and simmered the rest for about 1 hour. The silk scarves were pre-mordanted with alum, then brought to a simmer, turned off and cooled overnight. Shavings can be dried and used again for lighter shades. Iron darkened the color to a burgundy. Eco printing with leaves was done after dyeing.


Silk Scarf dyed with Brazilwood and eco printed with local leaves


Brazilwood dyed silk scarf with iron

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7 responses

8 05 2017

Oh my gosh Diane. Absolutely stunning, especially the top one.

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8 05 2017
Janice McDaniel

Gorgeous color!

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8 05 2017

Yes, intense red!


8 05 2017

Gorgeous color and scarves!!

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8 05 2017
Hilja Njoes

wow! the colors are magnificent . you keep doing amazing things.

😊hilja >

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12 09 2020
Margaret Erwin

Did you use an iron blanket ?


12 09 2020

I used with and without an iron blanket/carrier cloth for different effects.


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