My Mobile Eco Printing Studio

6 07 2021

At the end of the summer a few years back I gathered up some eco printing supplies and took them out to my funky little houseboat on the St. Croix River. For those unfamiliar with the St. Croix, it forms quite a bit of the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Designated as a National Scenic and Wild River, it is fairly unspoiled and wild, with little development. Only an hour’s drive from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I use my houseboat as a floating cabin.


I used a campfire to simmer a dyebath of sumac berries, and gathered and bundled local plants to steam or simmer over the fire. Keeping the fire going at a consistent temperature for at least 2 hours was the biggest challenge.  I love water lilies, so I went out in my kayak and gathered water lily and other leaves to try printing. Here are some images from my eco printing adventures on the river.  (I hope to have another eco printing retreat this summer.)

Wall Hanging at Vine Arts Center Member Show: Water Lily Leaves on Silk




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6 07 2021

Love this post! It’s so frontier woman!

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