Seward Art Crawl 2017

3 12 2017

My 8th year participating in my neighborhood Seward “Winter Frolic”/Art Crawl in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Balmy weather this year, in the 50’s! Some years the first weekend in December has brought below zero temps and snowstorms. Good weather for “crawling”. Along with my eco printed textiles and pottery in my home, the tours of my new backyard studio were popular. This fall I converted an 8×16’ ice fishing house I found on Craigslist to a studio for eco printing and other creative endeavors in the future. My new studio probably requires it’s own blog post, but here are a few photos of the crawl and my new fish house studio.



Inside of my new 8×16′ “art shanty”

The inside of the fish house with built-ins and fishing holes removed. Found a great narrow table/work surface from Ikea — on Craigslist, of course! (Guess there’s a reason my friends call me the Craigslist Queen.)



Logwood dyed silk scarf printed with Catalpa and individual Sumac leaves.

And some photos that go with the ice fishing house theme… Ice caves on the shore of Lake Superior when the lake froze solid a few years ago. Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. Brrr, that was a very cold photography expedition, but so worth it!C998E483-AAC7-4E8E-9DB3-9C4DBBEA2C99





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