Eco Printing with Tropical Leaves

4 03 2017

At the end of January I again had the opportunity to combine a winter vacation with eco printing in Mexico. I stayed at my Minnesota friends’ house in Puerto Morelos (a small beachfront town just south of Cancun) in exchange for sharing some new techniques I’ve learned in the past year with their Mexican artisan friend, Angelica. We built on what we learned last year about some of the local plants that print well, and added some natural dyes to the mix. We tried using the local tropical almond tree leaves for a dyebath, which gave a beautiful gold color. Here are a few images from the mini-workshop.  I especially love the unknown vine that was easy to find and printed up nicely, with and without iron.




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Eco Print Workshop with Irit Dulman

9 11 2016

Fusion of Botanical Print and Natural Dyeing.  

I am SO behind on updating my eco printing blog!  Better late than never… I attended two wonderful eco printing workshops this past summer and fall. The first was with Irit Dulman, a master eco printer who lives in Israel, at the Pacific Northwest Art School on Whidbey Island in Washington in June 2016.  She’s a master eco printer with the artistic eye of a designer, who seems to keep experimenting with new techniques.

I was able to combine my trip to Washington with a mini-college roommate reunion, since one lives only about an hour north of the art school. Here are some images of the workshop. Click on an image to see a larger view.  If you ever have the opportunity to take a workshop with Irit, go for it!  I learned so much.

Irit Dulman workshop

Some of my results:
Natural dyes: Logwood, Indigo, Cochineal and Weld
Leaves: Smokebush, Japanese maple, Sumac, Horse chestnut, etc.

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Eco Printing Workshop with Robbin Firth

1 04 2016

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take an eco printing workshop with Robbin Firth, of Heartfelt Silks in Hudson, Wisconsin. I had seen a few images of her work, and love her rich, densely printed fabrics. They remind me of watercolors. It’s a different style from how I’ve been working, as I usually love seeing the distinct shapes and detailed veining of the leaves. But it’s good to learn about different approaches and techniques, plus the class was less than an hour’s drive….

I was too busy playing with all the great leaves Robin had gotten from a florist friend (still too early here for local leaves) so I forgot to take pictures. I did manage one “before” picture and here are my 3 completed scarves. The darker two were wrapped around copper pipes and steamed about 1.5 hours. The lighter scarf was wrapped around a dowel and simmered.

Eco print scarves

3 eco printed scarves from workshop with Robbin Firth

Leaves on silk scarf

“Before” image, tropical leaves and silk scarf wrapped around copper pipe

** View available scarves in the Eco Print section of my ETSY SHOP.**

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