Eco printing on eggs

27 03 2016

I hadn’t used leaves and natural dyes to decorate Easter eggs in years, but since I seem to want to print leaves on everything these days, from cloth to clay, it was time to try it again. All my eggs were brown, so I stopped at the co-op to pick up some white ones to dye, and raided the bottom of the onion bins for skins. After a huge Easter brunch out with my friend Maria, I found a few small yarrow leaves that were up in the garden, plus some small sprays from a cedar tree. We layered the leaves under the onion skins, wrapped them in pieces of old pantyhose and rubber bands, and simmered for 10-15 minutes.

I love the golden brown the onion skin dye often produces, although Maria pointed out that the color wasn’t that different from my brown eggs!

Eco printed eggs

Eggs with leaves and onion skins

and on clay…





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28 03 2016
Fran Belvin

How lovely! This year, I tried food coloring & vinegar with lentils and pinto beans. It was supposed to create beautiful mottled patterns, but instead the colors were solid and the lentils became (green) mush, stuck to green eggs! Oh well! 🙂

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28 03 2016
Carol E. Orban

Once again, you are amazing, Diane. Lovely lovely.

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29 03 2016

Beautiful use of nature’s bounty! Practical art. 🙂

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29 03 2016
Cindy Kindlien

I liked the vase color with the brown or tan color and contrasted with blue on the rim and the Japanese Maple leaf. Are you enjoying the warm up? I,m trying to get outside more. It feels good to just walk outside with just a lite jacket. Still working. Thinking about talking to Social Security. Sounds like Mexico went well for you. Jeanine’s due date is April 12th. It could be sooner but I hope not. Cindy

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29 03 2016
Kathleen Laughlin

I LOVE your egg designs, Diane – good work! Missed you last week – had brought some white material as possible candidates for scarves etc – – still in car – are you still interested? can bring tomorrow… – Kathleen >

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