Back home in Minneapolis

30 03 2013

I was a bit surprised to see the deep snow in my front yard when I returned home on Tuesday from the Nashville area. Had a nice visit there with my cousin Jan, her husband John.

Here in Mpls I’m staying with my friend Maria by Lake Harriet until my winter renters leave April 1st. I’m easing back into my life here in Mpls. The warm water therapy pool at The Marsh is like magic! Travel/walking took a toll on my worn out knees, but after the pool session this morning I climbed the stairs like nothing was wrong. Feeling hopeful…

Photos: my front yard, cousin Janice and Casey in Nashville, and the front door at The Marsh.




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30 03 2013

I am sure it is going to feel very good settling back into your beautiful home. Your winter travels will resound through your heart always.


30 03 2013
Leila Denecke

Welcome home!! I am sure your knees took a beating from travelling. I am always amazed at how much more walking I do when abroad than here at home. I wish I could keep it up, but I find I take the easy way and use the car. But out here in the sticks, there aren’t many other choices…maybe biking to Scandia, but really that’s about all. Have fun winding down and getting re-acclimated to life in Minnesota!. Did you enroll in that soda-firing class? Ciao, Leila

Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2013 17:44:19 +0000 To:


30 03 2013

Yes, I’m signed up for the soda-firing class at NCC, starting April 5. I almost cancelled it; visions of walking with a cane while balancing a ware board in one hand… but since the knees seem to be recovering I’ll give it a try.


30 03 2013

Welcome home! Water therapy … hmmm … time to upgrade that hot tub and start using it regularly. 🙂


30 03 2013
joan mish

It sounds like your trip was fantastic!


30 03 2013
Maureen Davis

Thanks for taking me along on your trip. It was a bit of memory lane for me (Hawaii and Bali and Oregon) and a nice fantasy winter break


31 03 2013
Fran Belvin

It will feel so good to settle into home again — tomorrow!! I know you will be reaping the treasures – both material and spiritual – of your journey for a long time. SO glad to hear that your knees are responding so well to the warm water therapy!

It was a joy to get to share in part of your into-retirement epic journey!

XXOO, Fran


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