20 03 2013

I’m now in Lexington, Kentucky visiting my friend Fran and her husband Richard for a week. This is definitely horse country; miles and miles of fencing, although I actually haven’t seen many horses outside. Maybe because its been unseasonably cold here, 30’s and 40’s? Good thing I bought a jacket and some warm clothes at a thrift store in Oregon. Spring was farther along in Oregon than here; daffodil image below is from OR. The other is lenten roses here in KY.

On Friday I drive down to Nashville (3 1/2 hour drive) to visit my ‘cuz Janice and husband John, I’m hoping it warms up a bit and Tennessee spring flowers are blooming.

Fewer posts now that I’m no longer in the more exotic tropics, you may have noticed. Tuesday March 26 I fly home to Minneapolis to stay with friend Maria until I can move back into my house April 1st. Looking forward to it… As Dorothy learned, “There’s no place like home!”




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20 03 2013
Linnea Dietrich

No need to be in a hurry to get home! You won’t even see it under all of this snow! 🙂


20 03 2013

I hope it warms up for you–for all of us! Thanks for keeping us posted and sending pictures. We leave Friday morning for Madison for the Jamiat. I am still not 100% up to speed.


20 03 2013
Geralyn Sorensen

You have had the perfect get-a-ways this winter!!!


20 03 2013
Tom Gullett

Won’t be long and you’ll be back home. And just in time: Chasing Ice will still be playing Wed, 3/27, 3pm at the Riverview. Amazing Lenten Roses: I only have one plant and it has never to anything like the one(s) you show. Beautiful plants, though. See you Tuesday.


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