Oregon Coast

10 03 2013

The adventure continues! I’m visiting my old friend Rebecca, who lives In Eugene Oregon. We’ve been friends since we were 21 and roommates in a house by Riverside Park when she lived in Minneapolis for awhile. Two summers ago we took a reunion canoe trip to the Boundary Waters… Her family has a condo on the Oregon coast, where we are now.

We’ve had many adventures over the years, and this trip is no exception! When we arrived Friday night at the condo we couldn’t get the door to open, so had to find a motel for the night in Lincoln City, then met the locksmith in the morning, who got us into the condo (a little too easily). The air is cool, but we have rare clear skies for Oregon in the winter, a long stretch of sandy beach to explore, and pounding surf!




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11 03 2013

We just returned from MN. Any chance of seeing you in WA
before you return home?


11 03 2013

LaDonna, so many great options! I considered going to Washington, but I plan to go to the SE in a few days to visit a friend in Kentucky, then head down to Nashville for a long overdue visit with my cousin Janice and her husband John. Then back to MN. Linnea and I will have to start planning a trip to Washington… It was hard to leave the coast.


18 03 2013
Rebecca La Mothe


Gorgeous photos of the beach, love the sunset photos and the one with the 2 beach chairs!,



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