Maui: Haleakala Summit

25 02 2013

We drove up to the summit of the Haleakala volcano in the Nat’l Park, at about 10,000 feet. Our guides Bodhi and Leilah drove us thru a raincloud to get up there, so at first all we could see were clouds from the summit. But then it cleared for the most stunning view – including a rainbow.

Leilah taught us a song in Hawaiian about Pele, who in Hawaiian mythology is the goddess of volcanoes (also fire, lightning and wind). We saw this rare Hawaiian plant called silverswords that is only found in the lava rock at high elevations. (Click to enlarge images; the second one is a panorama from my iPhone.)




4 responses

25 02 2013
Dawn Cameron

This is beautiful! I am partial to the fun plant-life in your post, but the views (although LACKING in plant life) are impressive even to a moss-looker such as myself!


25 02 2013
Leila Denecke

Are you serious….? Your guides are Bodhi and Leilah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signed, Leila and Bodhi


25 02 2013

How could I have missed that! One minor difference (besides this Bodhi usually standing on just 2 legs, rather than 4) is she pronounces her name Laylá. Funny!


25 02 2013
Kathleen Laughlin

Ah Diane! – you brought it all back – I was there at the rim of the volcano with my dear friend Freude in 1978 – it was Easter morning at sunrise – I can not forget it – my friend passed on in 2009. but I may look up my pics when you come back! So glad you are basking in such beauty & warmth! – Kathleen


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