The pineapple quest

19 02 2013

I am VERY pleased to report the successful completion of the hunt for the elusive carved wooden pineapple (nanás in Balinese)! Mark in Hawaii, where Fran and I stayed at the start of the trip, has a House made in Bali and he asked me if I could find him some carved wooden pineapples for his stairs. Sounded easy enough…

The first time we were in Ubud I searched and searched, but only found them one place and they were quite small. I heard rumors of a village just north of Ubud that had carvers who specialized in wooden fruit. Apparently the demand has dwindled, however…

So today I hired Wayan, a driver I used yesterday, to take me to the village of Tegalalang for one last attempt. With Wayan’s help we found a shop with brightly painted wooden fruit, including lifesize pineapples. But Mark wanted unpainted wood – so close!

Then Wayan wandered into the back of the woodcarver’s shop and found some unpainted ones on a shelf, covered in dust, dirt and spider webs. Only problem was there was no one around to sell them to us!. We found a girl next door who eventually tracked down the shopkeeper, who told her the price. We found 3 that seemed in pretty good shape, cleaned them up a bit, and I gladly gave her $5 apiece.

I considered trying to bring them on the plane since I learned early on how expensive mailing packages from Bali to the US is, but it just wasn’t feasible. So the packers at the post office bubble wrapped them and I paid $40 to ship them to Mark via a slow boat. So in 2-3 months, Mark should have his pineapples! Here they are, at the back of the wood carver’s shop.




5 responses

19 02 2013
Geri B

OMG!!! That is great news. Only I can really appreciate the magnitude of this accomplishment!!!


19 02 2013

How true! (Geri was with me at the start of the pineapple quest.)


19 02 2013
Tom Gullett

Diane: wooden pineapples — the first step to an import business. The bug has bitten.


19 02 2013
Babs Pilling

Great story, Diane -thanks for taking us along on your trip with you. I thought of you today at Philip’s memorial service and reception at Delano’s after -that man was loved! -it was a really nice, simple service and reception of music and stories… “there are angels hovering round…” take care -XO -Babs


19 02 2013

Hi Babs! I’m sorry to have missed the memorial for Philip. He’s been my thoughts for sure, after I got the news from Terry… A reception at Delano’s sounds perfect. I’m sure there was some good music. Sorry to miss Moosejaw this year!


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