Bali: Sunrise at Blue Lagoon

13 02 2013

I did it! Got up at 5:30 am and hiked the hilly route to Blue Lagoon beach in the dark so I could be on the beach at sunrise. I’m grateful my knees are working again.

Also a view of Padang Bai from the hill on the way back, plus one of the friendly staff here putting out the morning offerings, which is practiced by all families and businesses. Each family also has their own temple or shrine in their family compound; sometimes the temples can be quite large. (Click to “embiggen”.)




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13 02 2013
Tom Gullett

Great pics, again. What is the predominant spiritual group there in Bali? With the shrine to Ganesha and Sariswata (?), and now the offerings, they almost seem Hindu or Indian based. I’ve seen those little personal “temples” and offerings associated with Hindu families in Chico.


14 02 2013

Tom, Hinduism is the predominant religion in Bali, although it apparently differs from Indian Hinduism. From my guidebook: …theories and practices borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism, grafted onto the far stronger indigenous vision of a world populated by good and bad spirits. You might look up “Balinese Hinduism” if interested in more details. Good question!


16 02 2013

P.s. when I see all these fierce gods and animals guarding the temples and homes and warding off evil spirits, I can’t help but think of my backyard gargoyle providing protection while I’m gone. Hope he doesn’t mind the winter tarp over him! Puts him in a new light…


14 02 2013
Carol Orban

Tom asked the same question I was going to. Thanks for the information, Diane. Beautiful pictures once again.


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