Bali: From Amed back to Padang Bai

13 02 2013

We left behind the incredible (and easy access) snorkeling at Amed and hired a driver to take us back to Padang Bai with a side trip thru Sideman, beautiful scenery. Had lunch overlooking rice fields, where Geri did some impromptu birding. Made a photo stop for some striking statues of Ganesh and Saraswati outside a rare ashram dedicated to Gandhi.

Amed, with our lodging host Made:

The drive back to Padang Bai:




2 responses

13 02 2013
Linnea Dietrich

So lush Diane. We just got 10″ of snow a few days ago. This morning there is a beautiful fog over
the lake that is slowly turning pink with the sunrise. However, I’m a lush green girl myself. And I love the heat. Your photos are beautiful! Linnea


13 02 2013
Tom Gullett

Such beautiful country; seems to be a picture opportunity every where you turn — and you are taking really great ones. I love the Ganesha statue.


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