From Ubud to Padang Bai

7 02 2013

We traveled about an hour today, arriving in this small beach town on the east coast of Bali. Found a really nice room to share with air and pool for $40, PadangBai Homestay. Geri checked out the snorkeling while I rested, hoping to kick this low energy/ sore knees. Not feeling well makes me a bit homesick. I might try snorkeling tomorrow.

Click an image to “embiggen” as Dawn calls it. Ignore the video, it’s an ad. Also, I love comments!




3 responses

7 02 2013
Tom Gullett

Sorry to hear you are not feeling 100%. I’m really enjoying following along on your journey; love all the pics. The one today of the outrigger boats in the bay — they look like giant water spiders. Hope you are back in the water soon. -Tom


7 02 2013
Dawn Cameron

I haven’t thought about air conditioning for 6 months!  Soren has pink eye and looks like he got in a fight with his swollen up eyelids, so I can see where you might feel a titch homesick, but it could be worse. You could be sick with Pink Eye AND it could only be 20 degrees. : )  Nah. I’m sorry to hear that your knees are still bugging you today.  

Good luck with the snorkeling – the kids and I will look up fishes that live in that area so we can do it with you mentally! Dawn



10 02 2013

Brings back so many memories – I spent a couple weeks in Padang Bai in 2000 living in a great bamboo cabin on stilts, visiting temples and the lovely beaches. Take care of yourself, no point overdoing it. When there’s beauty all around you, no need to travel far. šŸ™‚


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