Balinese dance video – Kecak dance audio

7 02 2013

This is an experiment, to see if I can post a short video clip. Fire Dance in Ubud. They played out the Ramayana story.




6 responses

7 02 2013
joan mish

It worked. But it was a little dark! I’m enjoying your posts! 😉 Joan Mish


7 02 2013
Cindy Kindlien

The video came through! I wish I was there. You must be having a great time. It’s still winter here big time. We’ve had snow for the last 8 days. I think I need to get out and move. I think I sent you a comment a couple days ago. Did it get through?


7 02 2013

Hi Cindy, great to hear from you. I don’t think your first comment made it thu… I know the video was on the dark side, but it was lit just by fire. Mostly posted for the incredible audio.


8 02 2013
Tom Gullett

I got it , too. Worked well.


10 02 2013
Terry McDaniel

It worked, very cool audio.


10 02 2013
Geralyn Sorensen

Reminded me of the vocal play we did with Francis! Very cool.


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