Big Island

14 01 2013

I arrived in Hilo on the Big Island (Hawaii) on Friday night, January 11. I experienced the longest sunset ever while flying over the Pacific, since we were flying west right at sunset.  My host Mark was nice enough to pick me up at the airport, which avoided having to find the place in the dark. (Mark is from MN and is now dating a friend who lives in St Paul.)  

The property is beautiful, about 6 acres up in the hills north of Hilo with a distant view of the ocean, a rushing stream and waterfall, and a Bali-style house.  it’s off the grid, with all electricity coming from solar power.

They have big plans, which include adding a second house and 2+ vacation rental apartments, hydro electric  power from the stream, a large building with glass blowing and pottery studios, group workshop space, camping, gardens, plus an amphitheater dug into the hill for outdoor concerts!  Seeing what they’ve accomplished so far, I a think they’ll pull it off!





One response

17 01 2013
Sue Kearns

Dianne, I actually got chills reading your blog…it sounds better than I could have imagined for you–the physical and natural environment and your appreciation. Love the photos also!

Do you still plan on going down Kalapana way? My son, Jeff, and his girlfriend, Kathy, are staying at the Kapoho cottage for 10 days starting today. They go “to the end of the road” for breakfast many mornings (forget the name of the little cafe). If you should stay down that way it’s worth a go and you may see a fairly middle aged couple w/MN tans. The place turns into a HUGE farmers market on Wed. evenings into the night with bands, local foods and crafts.

Hope your visit continues to go so well. I look forward to more blog entries. Sue


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